The Women’s Center offers trainings and workshops on gender and media, gender equity and feminism 101, and other topics as requested. Request a training or consultation with us!

An Introduction to the Pay Gap and Strategies for Salary Negotiation

On average, women make 77 cents on the dollar (this number is even lower for indigenous women and women of color). This workshop is designed to help participants understand why the pay gap occurs, and equip them with concrete tools to assess their strengths, be their own best advocate and negotiate higher salaries at any stage of their career development. This workshop is now offered as an online salary negotiation module, which you can work through at your own pace.

Women, Gender and Media Representation

Women account for less than 33% of the speaking characters in films from 2006-2017; own only 7.4 percent of the nation’s commercial TV stations; and continue to earn significantly less than their male counterparts in newsrooms. In this workshop, participants learn about these and other gender-based media disparities, reflect on their own experiences in media consumption, and gain tools and strategies for analyzing and challenging gender inequities in media representation.

Understanding and Addressing Gender-Based Oppression

The media makes it sound gender equity has been achieved. What's the truth? In this interactive workshop, increase your knowledge of gender-based oppression and discuss how gender justice benefits everyone.

Note: This workshop is part of the Equity and Diversity Certificate Program, and is generally offered four times per semester (fall, spring, and summer).