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AHA! Gallery Fall 2018 Exhibit: Path-breakers, Path-builders

Meredith Song's "Path-breakers, Path-builders" exhibit features three women in various fields of biological research at the University of Minnesota. Her mixed media pieces speak to the "superhero" qualities of these women as path-breakers, in both their research areas as well as their collective empowerment within the historically exclusive institution of scientific research. While all three featured scientists identify as women, they also hold a multitude of identities that have impacted their experience within scientific fields. She hopes these pieces challenge normative conceptions of who can be a scientist, as well as highlight the cutting-edge biological research conducted by diverse groups of people. The artwork will be displayed in the Appleby Hall Art Gallery throughout the Fall semester, and the interviews with each scientist are accessible online. Her project was completed in collaboration with Professor Brian Gibbens with the aid of a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Faculty Fellows for Inclusive Excellence Program.

About Meredith Song

Meredith Song is a Minneapolis-based artist and student at the University of Minnesota. She is currently studying Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development, and Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies. She hopes to integrate her many interests into an interdisciplinary, social-justice oriented career in healthcare after graduation. Meredith uses art to explore her own identity, and critically engage with the world around her. Her artwork has appeared in the zine, “Azn2Azn” by RadAzns, a (now-disbanded) grassroots organization, as well as the Asian American Studies Program Journal, “Crtl F: Identities, Places, Connections.”


The Appleby Hall Art (AHA!) Gallery is located in the garden level of Appleby Hall, on the northeast side of the building. The gallery space is curated by the Women's Center, and the art exhibits feature University of Minnesota-affiliated artists with a social justice focus. The art exhibit changes each semester, and each new exhibit is marked with a gallery opening that is open to the public.