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The first campus-based women's center in the country, the University of Minnesota’s Women's Center was founded in 1960 as the Minnesota Plan for the Continuing Education of Women. The plan was created in order to address the needs of women whose education had been interrupted by marriage and motherhood. It became the first women’s center on a university campus and continues to serve as an example for college women’s centers across the country. The center has undergone several name changes, the most recent being the Women’s Center.

Throughout its rich, 50+-year history the Women’s Center has established many women’s initiatives that have emerged as their own entities, created grants and awards for women students, and has consistently responded to the dynamic needs of its diverse constituency. A catalyst for women’s equity, the Women’s Center supports the University community in its efforts to create a healthy climate in which women flourish and reach their full potential in both the University of Minnesota and the surrounding community.

For more information about the history of the Women’s Center, view a selection of historical documents courtesy of the University Archives.

Annual Reports

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