• A scholarship recipient smiles for the camera. She has dark wavy hair and glasses, wearing a blue shirt, with a backpack on her shoulder. She wears a maroon baseball cap that says FEMINIST in gold letters.
    A scholarship student with a #UMNFeminist hat. Photography by Liz Banfield.

For over 50 years, the Women’s Center at the University of Minnesota has been a national and international model in higher education. Your gift allows us to continue our critical work to advocate for equity, to provide scholarships to help make the University financially accessible to talented women from diverse backgrounds, to educate leaders who make a positive impact on their communities, and to support the University’s mission to become one of the top universities in the world.

Your gift, whether small or large, makes a huge difference and we thank you! Gifts are accepted by the University of Minnesota Foundation and by clicking one of the following links, you can choose to give your gift directly to the Dr. Nancy “Rusty” Barceló Scholarship, the Mullen/Spector/Truax Endowment, the Charlotte Striebel Equity Award, or the Women’s Center Leadership Fund.

“This scholarship made the difference between my being able to stay in school and finish my degree or not. It was that important. It put me in a position now to be the one helping uplift others to realize their dreams. I am so grateful."

- 2014-2015 Scholarship Recipient